Mingqi Gao (高明琦)

PhD candidate in Computer Vision

@ University of Warwick and SUSTech


Hi! I am Mingqi, a third-year (2021-2022) joint PhD candidate at University of Warwick and Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Currently, I am doing research in the WMG Data Science Group and SUSTech VIP Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Jungong Han, Prof. Feng Zheng, and Prof. Giovanni Montana. Prior to this, I received my Master degree and Bachelor degree from Chongqing University and Inner Mongolia University respectively.

My research lies in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Deep Learning. My scholarly works mainly focus on bringing Active Contour Model and Deep Neural Network to texture / medical image segmentation. Recently, I am dedicating on developing new algorithms for video object segmentation.


  • [17-Jan-2019] - 1 paper is accepted by Signal Processing.


Please see my full publication list from HERE or my Google Scholar Profile


My research lies in computer vision, pattern recognition and deep learning. I have been working on the following research topics:


Honors and Awards

Journal Reviews

Pattern Recognition Letters, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, IET Image Processing